Your relocation to Germany - Question #1 before to start

Your answers to this question will drive your entire relocation to Germany

I assume that you are not only interested in Germany as a country, but also in the opportunities, that this country offers.

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Why Germany?

You probably already asked yourself this question, have you?
This article is not so much about the geographical choice of your destination but about the question "What are your REASONS to go to particular country?"

What are your reasons, WHAT FOR do you wish to go Germany? What is your motivation?

By the way, "motivation" derivates from "motive". So what are your motives?

Germany - what for?

Do you wish to graduate in Germany?
You can study in English or German, it is free of charge and is really fun, because universities are well organized and funded.

Do you wish to do an vocational training (Ausbildung)?
It's also fun because you learn about 70% of your time directly at your workplace. And you earn money, right from the very beginning.

Do you wish to work self-employed?
There are several "start small grow big" opportunities like "Kleinunternehmer" for solopreneuers and "UG" if you wanna run a company.

Do you wish a salaried employment?
German wages may not seem as impressive as in Australia or the USA, but "salary/expenses" ratio is very good. Even minimal wages in IT industry are guaranteed to cover all expenses for you and your family.

If you are not a high-spending person, you can be certain that you can live a decent life and still have money left over. You can send it to your family in your country of origin (and deduct it from your German taxes by the way!) or simply put it on deposit.

And once again I encourage you to ask the question "WHAT FOR study or work in Germany?" In the end it's all about money - earning money in Germany allows you to get a lot, to spend little, deal with the rest smartly. This is how your prosperity will be created and grow.

Now you can go even deeper into your question. WHAT FOR will you use your in Germany earned money?

Buy good things? Eat in fancy restaurant? Travel with luxury? Buy a hous or an apartment in Germany? Elsewhere in Europe? In country of your origin? In another country?

Or maybe to give your children an education in Germany or in (almost) every other country in the world? Support your parents or bring them to Europe?*

Again, the point question is: WHAT FOR come and stay in Germany?

There is no ready answer in this article. You will figure that out for yourself.

After you are clear about your motives, you do not need any additional motivation from the outside.

After the question WHY is more or less answered, you will ask yourself HOW you will come to Germany. Hopefully, you'll find all your "how" questions answered on the MIGWORK website.

If there are any open HOW questions left, feel free to contact me.

Good luck on your way to Germany!

Yarve** aka Jaroslav Plotnikov

* - Bringing parents to Germany is not easy. But there a couple of legal exceptions;
** Yarve is the nickname. As per passport my first name is Jaroslav, last name - Plotnikov).

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