IT-job in Germany after graduation in your country - Plan A: Employment

From Bachelor or Master in your country to German company in 10 stages*

My blog is mostly for people from IT industry but these steps are universal. You can also apply them to other professions.

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You have (or will soon have) a Bachelor's degree and you wish to go to Germany?

If so, this TODO list is for you.

PLAN A: Employment in German company

PLAN B and PLAN C will follow in September 2021.
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  1. Find out if your profession is regulated or not regulated in Germany.
  2. Find out if your qualification is recognised in Germany.
  3. If recognised, save two Anabin statements*: your institution AND your degree.
  4. If not recognized, do either ZAB assesment or Diplom recogition.
  5. Prepare a decent XING profile.
  6. Restructure your CV - it must look like a German Resume.
  7. Make a list of employers. Do not look so much for the vacancies but rather for the employers.
  8. Find out how good the employers you have chosen are. Make a TOP-5 list.
  9. Learn about the chosen companies. Find out their needs and problems.
  10. Contact employers from your "TOP-5" list. Talk about their problems and how you are going to solve it. Make clear how you have already overcome such problems in your carreer. Provide facts, numbers and evidences.

Ignore rejections. Instead, learn more about the employers from your TOP-5 list. Contact them regularly. Each time provide new arguments and suggestions exactly to their problems. Also inform about your professional growth: things you have learn, what can benefit the employer, new levels of German you have achieved. Simultaneously keep learning German.

This is on of the most sure way to get your dream job in Germany within 365 days.

Also I can find the most likely alternative ways to Germany for you. Feel free to appoint a migration advice session for this.

Will be published soon:

  • Get IT-job in Germany after graduation in your country - Plan B: free Master-program
  • Get IT-job in Germany after graduation in your country - Plan C: Vocational Training (Ausbildung)

    * - I prefer to say "stages" because "steps" are smaller. In one "stage" there are several small "steps".
    ** - You will need both of these Anabin statement while applying for national German visa.
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