How to book or cancel visa D appointment online

Step by step guide based on the example of German Embassy in Eriwan, Armenia

The structure of websites of German embassies and consulates in different countries is not the same. Fortunately the search terms are similar.

On the website of the embassy/consulate you should only find out three things at first:

  • how to book an appointment in the respective embassy/consulate;
  • the checklist of necessary documents (German: Merkblatt);
  • the visa application form.

This article is about the booking an appointment.

german embassy appointment Screenshot 1. (Source:

Enter in Google following terminvergabe nationales visum deutsche botschaft Eriwan (enter your city).

Actually, you do not need to enter the exact word-combination which I used. Mind the following keywords: Blue card - appointment - the city name (in our case Munich).

OR just follow this link
Once you get there, select the city in your country with the German Consulate which is closest from your registration address.

Step 2

german visa appointment Screenshot 2. (Source:

Fill out the form. It is quite possible that the system is spinning and some fields are not displayed correctly (see screenshot 2.1).

Important! There are several bugs on this webpage: sometimes the form is not showed correctly - some field names are missing. Sometimes the form doesn't accept the pass serie - just the number.

Do not repeat our mistake! Recently the form didn't want to accept the letters of the passport serie "BA". We tried to enter the passport number without serie, just digits. It was accepted. An appoinment was booked and confirmed.
However when the person came to the embassy, they didn't let her in. It was shock! Because all the information were accurate, except of those two missing letters of a passport serie.

Conclusion: include the passport number AND include the passport serie (e.g. "BA")

Check the passport number. Enter the appointment in your agenda.
If the reload of the page does not help, use another browser.

german visa appointment Screenshot 2.1. (Source:

After that you will receive the email confirmation (s. Screenshot 3). Mind following sections:

german visa appointment Screenshot 3. (Source:

4. Confirmation of your appointment with indication of visa type (national, category D), date and time.

Tip: Check the passport number. Enter the appointment in your agenda.

5. In order to avoid unnecessary waiting times, please arrive punctually at the embassy.

Please print this email and bring it with you to the appointment.
Without this appointment confirmation your application cannot be accepted, a new appointment has to be booked.

Tip: Take all instructions very seriously - usually, the Germans have carefully considered all sentences and mean exactly what they write.
So, print this confirmation immediately and make sure you have enough time for unexpected situations. Be absolutely punctual.

6. Bold printed text: Incomplete applications cannot be accepted, a new date must be booked.

7. The link to cancel the appointment.

8. The link to reschedule the appointment.

How to cancel

Click on the link in your confirmation email (s. Figure 7. on the Screenshot 2.1). You will get to the next page. There you can cancel your visum appointmant. (Figure 10. ). Or NOT cancel your appointment (Figure 11. ).

german visa appointment Screenshot 4. (Source:

As soon as you decided to cancel your appoinment (entered the capcha and clicked on "stornieren" (Figure 10. )), you will see the online confirmation - screenshot 5.

german visa appointment Screenshot 5. (Source:

After some minutes you will also have an email confirmation (screenshot 6).

german visa appointment Screenshot 6. (Source:

Important! As soon as you cancel an appointment it will take 24 hours until the system allows you to book a new appointment.

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