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Free Education for International Students. Upsides & Downsides, How to overcome Obstacles
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The way to Germany as a student might look long and full of obstacles. If you give me the chance to explain in simple terms how it works you might change your opinion. And be prepared to discover some surprising facts, which could be rather useful for you to know.

Migration as a student is the most failsafe way

The biggest advantage of the way to Germany over the university that it is the most failsafe compared to all other migrations ways I know. Why?

Before listing of advantages and revealing how to get a student let us consciously start with a pessimistic mindset. Put your usual optimism aside for a moment and try to imagine the worst situations.

Worst cases

Coming as Jobseeker

Worst case: despite of your best efforts, no employment has been achieved. The money you saved for years has gone. You have to go back home.

Coming as employee (in particular via Blue Card)

Worst case: after one year (even worse: right after the 6-month probationary period you were fired. Within next 6 months you couldn't find another similar educational level job. You have to go back home.

Maybe you were fired unfairly or you just had bad luck. Now you have another 6 months to look for a job.
Upside: You are already in Germany and you have some basic knowledge about the workflow and corporate ethic here;
Downside: prospect employers may find it suspicious that you were fired (shortly) after the probationary period. Or they call your first German employer and hear negative things about you.

This worst case is not that bad as jobseeker worst case but even within the next 6 months you could be not lucky in the job search are over. So you have to go back to your home country. Maybe you have saved money while previous months. Then your situation is not that bitter.

Coming as a spouse (family reunion)

This case is rare but the princip is the same as coming for employment or internship or language course. Even if you marry a person in Germany, nobody can quarantee you both will always live happily together. If you separate in the first 3 years (before getting the permanent residence title) you are in trouble.

Coming as IT Student

Worst case: You graduated and even within the next 18 months you haven't find a job.

To be honest my mind rejects to believe that you cannot find an IT job within 2-3 years (master or bachelor duration) plus 1,5 years of additional residence permit for the job search after the graduation

Let's assume that you decided to get back to your own country because of someone personal reason (e.g. your spouse doesn't want to go Germany or you wish to take care and be near your (grand)parents).

So you getting back home with following assets:
- diploma of German University;
- maybe some knowledge of German language;
- some contacts which you gathered in Germany;
- knowledge of German corporate ethic and work flow organisation;
- knowledge how to get a student, study and graduate in Germany;
- and and and...

What do you think, will all those listed things helpful to find a better payed job in your country? Get hired by a branch of a German concern? Launch the business between your country or Germany/Europe?

Perks of the way as a student

All the mentioned worst case scenarios you can avoid being a student. And here is why.

Being a student you have guaranteed residence permit for 3,5-7,5 years* to find a job according to their educational level**. That's pretty long tome, isn't it?

  • You can study for free

  • You will have a student card, possibility to live in a cheaper student dorm, free or reduced price for public transport, student working permission

  • You can search for employer (student jobs or for full time employment***) from the beginning of your studies


  • Years in the university don’t count as years needed to get a PR

  • You cannot work fulltime therefore your income is moderate;

  • With a student residence permission you still need visa for the UK and Ireland.

  • It is comparatively difficult to take your spouse with you. For this you must deposit another €10.000 annually on the blocked German account.

    Huge Fear - Huge Reward

    Why people avoid even the considering the way into German university even in their minds?

    The way to Germany might look long and difficult. This happens because nobody can predict your future for sure. And this unknown future might look scary. Just because it is unknown and uncertain. People do not like uncertainty.

    Migrate as a student is getting more real and doable if you understand the sections and steps you have to do. I promise you: as soon as you are in Germany and look back you will have to admit that the way was not so hard as you first imagined it. After many interviews I really know.

    Mini FAQ - Study in Germany IT professions

    Question: Why it is emphasized IT-Professiones?
    Answer: Because MIGWORK Project first of all aims IT professionals worldwide. However if you are from another branch the principles are still similar

    Q: Do I need to speak German to study in Germany?
    A: You can study in German or in English free of charge.

    According to search engine for universities Hochschulkompass under keyword "Software" there are 214 "non study fees" offers all over Gernany with a German as a main teaching language. This number is reduced to 24 with the English as a main teaching language. Which means around 11% of all software degrees which you can obtain free of charge

    Q: May I work while study?
    A:You will have a student permission for 180 half-days annually.

    There are some exceptions which allow you to work more. For example working in university labs or as a tutor (helping younger students).

    Q: Will I get the the cheap accomodation?
    A: A place in a student dormitory is not guaranteed. But the allocation of dormitories is based on the principle of fairness. Moreover, you can apply in several dorms at the same time, even those that do not belong to your university. Generally speaking, you have a very good chance of getting a cheaper room in a student dormitory already within the first or second semesters (and in higher semester as well).

    Q: May I stop studing and turn to the full time employment?
    A: Anytime.

    Q: May my spouse and children accompany me?
    A: n princip yes. However for every addtonal person you must depost addtonal €10.000 annually to your blocked bank account.

    Q: You haven't found the answer to your question?
    A: Write your question in the comments below. Or if it's too personal, contact me directly.

    * - Jobseeker visa visa is valid for max. 6 months. You will need up to 8-10,000 euros to cover the cost of 6 months of living in Germany, including plane tickets and travel to the employer for interviews.
    ** - how did it come to 7,5 years:
    2-3 years up to bachelor and/or 2-3 years up to master. That makes 4-6 years. Now add the 18 months of additional residence permit for the purpose of finding a job after graduation.
    *** - nowadays it is possible that you may have a job that differs from your university degree. Condition is that you have a similarly highly qualified job.
    **** - for the full time employment you have to change your residence title from "study" to "employment".
    How to find a job via university study and get a settlement permit in Germany

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