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How you can determine your salary

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As an optimistic person it is not easy for me to reveal you a bitter truth. As a representative of another culture you have very low odds. Don't hope to much on your professional skills and expericence. You have to prove them first.

Let's imagine how a German employer see you:

  • Your skills and experience is strongly doubted unless it was obtained out of Germany
  • Your intercultural Background implies that it could a problem to integrate you in team
  • Your previous way of working probably doesn't fit into the local pattern at all
  • Your German skills are most likely under B2 level. So you can't understand or say anything at a weekly staff meeting.

Conclusion: unless you cannot show convincing references from employers in Germany, Western Europe or Scandinavia, you are a big risk factor for the employer.

My suggestion: start your career in Germany with a minimum wage. Accept the idea of working the first year for minimum salary of a Bluecard professional.

Good news: unless you're looking an employment in German IT branch, the minimum gross salary per year for 2019 is 41,808 Euro (2019). It is equal to 3,484 euro per month and higher than an average German person earns. So, don't worry, even with the minimum salary you can find a proper apartment, buy good food and clothes and have enough money to send your relatives abroad or pay back debts or pay off the mortgage (if you would deicde to buy a property).


Go to GEHALTSVERGLEICH and enter your profession in the salary calculator, as shown at the Picture 1 (s. above). A city or other filters are optional.

Go to German Federal Office for Migration and read EU Blue Card FAQs ("How high does my gross annual salary need to be in order for me to obtain an EU Blue Card?"

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Note: It is quite possible that you will get more than the minimum salary. See the sections on negotiations in an interview.

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