Registration (Anmeldung) - How to proceed

Regstration (Anmeldung) is one of the most important things you have to do after arrival. Do it it asap

Anmeldebescheinigung, anmeldebestaetigung, registration germany,
          registration in germany Screenshot 1. Registration certificate in Munich (Source:
Anmeldebescheinigung, anmeldebestaetigung, registration germany,
        registration in germany Screenshot 2. Registration certificate in Berlin (Source:


1. Date of the registration

2. Move-in date

3. Your new registered address

4. Housing status - single flat*

5. Last name

6. First Name**

7. Birth date

Tip: Names, calendar date format and geographical names should be entered exactly as they are written in your passport!

Required documents

Documents that can be requested additionally

  • Passports of ALL registered persons;
  • Birth certificates EVERY child;
  • Marriage certificate (if available);
Except passports and forms other documents can be requested to bring in original form with the sworn translation into German.

How to proceed

  1. book the appointment for your registration in advance;
  2. If there are no available dates within two weeks, book the earliest possible date
  3. find via google and download the registration form {CITY} {insert your city in Germany};
  4. if you won't find it in English, then google that: meldeschein {CITY}
  5. fill out the registration form (Meldeschein);
  6. according to the booked appointment appear punctuality in the registration office****. Complete the registration;
  7. If you are more than one person (e.g. a family) come all together

The registration procedure is free of charge.

See these (and other) steps in the page with TO-DO Lists .

My recommendation

In any case, I recommend carrying to the bureaucrats every thinkable and imaginable documents: passports of all the persons involved, marriage certificate and so on. In 99% of cases these "just in case" documents will be not required, but when suddenly you need an unforeseen document and you have it with you occasionally... then you might enjoy a small triumph, because you just saved a lot of valuable time! ))

* - unless it's the only apartment you're renting. Other options: main flat (Hauptwohnung), secondary flat (Nebenwohnung);
** - eventually extended to double first name (Hemant-Ravindra) or first name + the parename (e.g. Ivan Petrovichth);
*** - according to German law, the term "family" includes only the spouse and minor children. No brothers, no parents;
**** - the registration office can have different names according to the federal state (Meldebehörde, Bürgeramt, KVR etc.).

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