Best Job Boards in Germany 2019

Stepstone rules, Staufenbiel Institut and jobvector shine, Kimeta remains best job search engine

Satisfaction ranking of the recruiting channels

This is the short translation of the review by Gerhard Kenk. The original German article is here: Crosswater Job Guide

  • Current user survey Jobbörsen-Kompass analyses more than 40,000 job market evaluations
  • Stepstone, and dominate the generalists, improves to rank 8
  • At the special job exchanges, Staufenbiel Institut and jobvector. There are few changes in the job search engines: holds its leading position
  • Job / career fairs confirm their high satisfaction ranking among job seekers
  • Social media as a recruiting channel is at the bottom of the satisfaction ranking.

Rarely have German employers faced greater challenges in their search for employees: demographic change, shortage of skilled workers and increasingly choosy candidates. These difficult conditions are combined with a jungle of possible recruitment channels, including more than 1,100 online job boards alone - almost impossible to keep track of in this area. The user survey Jobbörsen-Kompass, an initiative of the HR expert portal Crosswater Job-Guide, brings light into this provider darkness.

The results of Jobbörsen-Kompass' user survey will be presented in time for TALENTpro 2019 in Munich, the Expofestival for recruiting solutions.

The highest recommendation rate was achieved by (s. screenshot 1):

work in germany Screenshot 1. (Source:

As in the previous year, job / career fairs confirmed their standing in the favour of applicants and scored 4.45 points, a slight decrease of 0.02 average points. Social-Media as a recruiting channel has a hard standing in the (dis)favour of job seekers, this channel scored only 3.13 points, compared to 3.69 in the same period last year.

First place among the generalist job boards went to Stepstone, while improved to second place, replacing, which finished third (s. screenshot 2):

work in germany Screenshot 2. (Source:

At the specialist job boards, the Staufenbiel Institute confirmed first place, jobvector came in second, mobilejob came in third as the newcomer of the last few years and consistently continued its course of mobile job applicant approach.

work in germany Screenshot 3. (Source: /

Job search engines with the best satisfaction rankings are in 1st place, followed by Jobbö and in 2nd and 3rd place.

work in germany Screenshot 4. (Source: /

work in germany Screenshot 5. (Source: /

Job boards - a recruiting channel is booming

Despite all the prophecies of doom about the death of job boards, job advertisements or letters of application, job boards are proving to be a recruiting channel that is booming:

  • Over 1,200 job portals are operated in Germany
  • Each month they publish about 77 million job advertisements
  • The job portals are used by about 95 million visitors per month.

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