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Step by step registration guide based on the example of MoBerries

Sign-up in "MoBerries"

What is MoBerries and why this Job-board?

MoBerries wants to revolutionize the old-fashioned recruitment business. And here is what they promise:

  • It is free for Jobseekers. Forever.
  • It is very simple and transparent - you just upload a CV. The registration takes not even a minute.
  • Companies cannot see your profile without your approval. You control your job search.

Screenshot 1. - This what you will see after the registration.

Step 1 - learn how it works

Learn more about MoBerries. Feel free to sign-up over Migwork partner link.

Why over the partner link? Because it gives you a 25% discounts on Migwork's relocation services.

Step 2 - Set your profile as Candidate

Screenshot 2 - The preferences.

1. - Select your career level

2. - Select your annual salary. If you are a newcomer start with €41.808 or a just a bit higher.

Tip: Since you never have been working in Germany I recommend to overcome the temptation of "average salary" and claim the minimum wage. Don't be afraid to undersell. Remember your goal to get your first job. Even with the Blue card minimum wage of €41.808 you will get a higher salary than 50% of German population.

3. - If you are aiming the Blue Card select Full time and Contract

4. - Remote work is optional, while 5 (Would you relocate...) is a mandatory in your case.

6. - Since you don't have special wishes for a certain cities, enter Germany.

Step 3 - Enter your skills and start your job search

As you see, the profile is very easy to fill. You can hardly do anything wrong. Enter your skills and start your job search now!

Now it is time to make a list of your prospect employers.

- How to make an appointment for the registration (Anmeldung)
- How to make an appointment for the Bluecard (on example of KVR Munich)

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