How to find out the contacts of any German organisation
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Impressum - what this, why do you need it, how to find it?

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Impressum is a German word of Latin origin meaning legal information about a physical or legal person and/or typical exemption from liability.

Section 5 of the Electronic Media Act (Telemediengesetz) since 2007 obliges each website owner to provide legal and contact information. This information must be "easily recognisable, directly accessible and always available". (Wikipedia)

By the way, Wikipedia in German, or rather its impressum page, obviously, is also under this law.

For those who are looking for work or business contacts abroad, in particular in Germany, this data can be useful for direct communication with the organization, avoiding middlemen.

The illustration at the beginning of this article shows the impressum of the German company Avira Operations GmbH. Here you will find all the information you need to compile a mail: the name of respocible person (in this case it is the CEO - Travis Witteveen) and his e-mail.

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For example, you intend to send a request for job vacancies to hundreds of potential German employers. Sending 100 letters via the contact form will take a long time. To find out the contact address quickly, use the impressum.

How to find the impressum on a German website?

To do this, go to the company website and scroll down. Impressum is usually somewhere in the footer of the page.

Because impressum is often printed with tiny, hardly visible letters, use Ctrl + F and enter impressum in the search box.

Sometimes even Ctrl + F does not help. Why? Since the laws in Germany are only published in German, there may be no mention of impressum in the English mirror of the German website.

In this case, try 2 options:
a) switch the language of the site to German, then repeat the operation Ctrl + F;
b) In Google, enter the company name plus the word impressum.
In our example I would ask Google: Avira impressum.

The advantages of the Impressum

I assume that you occasionally need to find vacant job positions (if you are an employee) or customers / business contacts (if you are a freelancer / entrepreneur).

An impressum is useful for you because it allows you to get the name of responsible person if you are not able quickly get this information by other ways.

Question 1: Why look for the name of the responsible person?

Because the faceless "Dear Sir or Madam"" (or even worse:

  • To whome it may concern
  • ) is very likely going to the trash bin! Compare the previous with "Dear Mr. Meier". Now it looks personal and as a consequence increases the chances of reply.

    Question 2: Does a particular organization check emails to the address given in Impressum?

    Be confident that the emails are being read. The information in the impressum, including the email and mailing address, was specified during the registration. If the organization does not check the mailbox given in impressum, the consequences can be very bad - a penalty.


    Impressum is a great way to quickly get company contacts if you don't have the contact information of the right employee, e.g. HR-manager.

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