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How to change your tax class if you got married or your spouse came to Germany as family reunion
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Download the form Antrag auf Steuerklassenwechsel bei Ehegatten / Lebenspartnern from the federal page of your Bundesland (federal state)*.

A. Allgemeine Angaben (A. General details)

Antragstellende Person (Applicant person)

1: Your tax number (if available);

2: Give the Finanzamt (tax office) assigned to your district.

3: In case of change of residence: previous tax office

4: Telefonische Nummer für Rücksprachen - here you can leave your German phone number for eventual consultations. However I am against of the phone communication with authorities and organisations. Use the email instead.

5: Identifikationsnummer (also called Steuer-ID or Idnr or Steueridentifikationsnummer) - and of your spouse/life partner (B). You will find it in every letter from Finanzamt (in the upper right corner).

6-9: enter your full name (according to passport), birth date and address - the street, the house number, the PLZ (postal code).
Remember that in Germany the PLZ must always be entered!

10: fill the corresponding field:
Verheiratet/Lebensp. begründet seit (Married / civil partnership since)
- Verwitwet seit (widowed since / civil partnership ended since)
- Geschieden / Lebensp. aufgehoben seit (Divorced / civil partnership ended since)
- Dauernd getrennt lebend seit (permanently separated since)

Ehefrau/Lebenspartner(in) (Wife/Life partner)

11: enter the Identifikationsnummer of spouse / life partner.
You will find it in every from Finanzamt (in the upper right corner).

12: Name: Last name;

13: Vorname: First name;

14: Street, house number (if different)

15: PLZ: postal code, Wohnort (falls abweichend): place of residence (if different).

B - Steuerklassenwechsel (tax class change)

Tip: Clarify your information for fields 16 - 19 with your tax advisor.

16: live this checkbox empty unless your tax advisor needs the copy ELStAM statement.

17: Previous tax class combination (applicant person/spouse, life partner).
If you recently arrived to Germany, leave it blank.

18: Ich/Wir beantrage(n) die Steuerklassenkombination: I/We apply for the tax class combination

C. Information on the factor method from

32: Estimated annual gross salary from the first employment: if nothing else, enter here the sum of your gross wages from your employment contract.

31, 33-37: Leave these fields blank. Ask your tax consultant, what data to enter in your particular situation.

38-42: Ask your Employer to about this questions..

43: Date. Signatures: yours and your spouse's / Life partner's..

44-45: These fields will be filled by official.

* - this and more terms, translated and abbreviations explained s. the GLOSSARY.
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