Ausbildung - Recognition of your School Qualifications

Completion Help of Applicaton for the Recognition + Additional Documents

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Application for the recognition of your school certoficate / Antrag auf Anerkennung eines Schulabschlusses

Completion Help page 1

Name, Vorname - the last name, the first name.

Geburtsort - insert not just your country but the town or villiage of your birth.

Staatsangehörigkeit/Nationalität - enter your citizenship (not nationality).

Postleitzahl ... Ort - Give the postal address in the country where you are registered.

Important! Enter your postal code. If you don't know your postcode, google it. If still no success, give the postal code of the Main Post Office in your town.

Ort Insert the city/town and a country.

Phone and Mobile: don't forget about international standards (e.g. +38... for the Ukraine, +44... for UK, +91... for India etc. )

Adresszusatz (c/o) - this you need only if you receiving post at the Address of another person. Otherwise leave it blank.

E-Mail Adresse ... Telefon - in this case * (asterisk) means that these entries are optional. I do not recommend giving them your phone number, but I very recommend giving of your working email ID.

As soon as you are applying for the vocational training, cross the "Ausbildung" box.

The second cross (below arrow) explains that you haven't applied for the recognition in other federal state of Germany.

Datum ... Unterschrift - Remember to give the date left from your signature!

Completion Help page 2

Name, Vorname - just insert them again as on the previous page. All the further fields below leave blank. They will be filled by official.

List of additional documents (Attachments)

On this page you only need to fill in your first and last name again. The rest will be done by your caseworker.

But you should read the list of attachments carefully, understand and attach all applicable attachments to your application.

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Let's take a closer look at each attachment. They are listed inside of red frame.

1. Abschlusszeugnis und ggf. Jahreszeugnisse | Fächer- und Notenliste (Transcript)
- degree certificate and, if applicable, annual transcripts | list of subjects and grades (Transcript)

You bring to the notary your school leaving certificate + additional sheet (with subjects and grades overview). The notary will make a so-called "notarized copy" of it.

2. Hochschulaufnahmeprüfung | Nachweis der Studienleistungen (Academic Transcript) | Studienabschluss
- university entrance examination | proof of academic achievements (Academic Transcript) | graduation

Only if it is your case. If you haven't studied in your country, simply ignore this. f you are currently studing, you have to translate your student examenation record book into German. This record book doesn't require a notarized copy, just sworn translation (s. figure 5)

3. Abschlusszeugnis der Berufsausbildung und ggf. Jahreszeugnisse
- certificate of completion of vocational training and annual transcripts, if applicable

Only if it is your case. If you haven't done the vocational training in your country, simply ignore this.

4. schulischer + praktischer Teil der FHR | Bescheinigung über den Erwerb der FHR
- school + practical part of the FHR | certificate of acquisition of the FHR

This matches only German, so skip this one.

5. Deutsche Übersetzungen der Dokumente durch einen für die deutschen Gerichte und Behörden vereidig- ten Übersetzer. Dies ist nicht erforderlich bei Dokumenten in ursprünglich englischer oder französischer Sprache.
- German translations of the documents by a translator sworn in for the German courts and authorities. This is not required for documents originally in English or French

How translate Documents via Internet and more related articles you'll find below.

6. Kopie des Passes und ggf. des Vertriebenenausweises
- copy of passport and, if applicable, refugees-ID card

Standard copy, printed black/white on A4 page. No translation/legalisation necessary.

7. Nachweis der Namensänderung
- proof of name change

It must be provided with appostille. Apostilled documents usually do not require further notarization. Optionally, you can have them notarized. Of course, this document must also be translated into German.

8. Tabellarischer Lebenslauf
- curriculum vitae in tabular form

How to make your CV according to German format (tabular form) and more related articles you'll find below.

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