Job Description - you'll need it for the national Visa for Employment

Job Description or Stellenbeschreibung must be issued by your German employer
The Job Description or (Stellenbeschreibung) can only be filled in by your employer because it requires his signature and the company stamp*.

Step 1 - get the form

Download the form from the website of the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit).

If you can edit PDF on your computer, just enter your data on the red marked areas. On the screenshot I marked two places. Enter your data there.

Step 2 - send the form to your employer

Afterwards, email the form to your employer. Make him understand that you will need the completed form as an attachment to your visa application.

If your computer does not allow to edit PDF files, email this link ( and the scaned copy of your passport on the employer.

Step 3 - double-check the data

Since your employer fills out this form in German, there is not so much to check. Nevertheless, my suggestion is: check it out. - Why is it important to check the completed job description? - Because of the following reasons:

Mind these positions

First of all look carefully at the spellng of your name and the birth date. (if you havent't done it accordng to the step 2). Also look at the:

1. Berufsbezeichnung
Does the qualification you have here correspond to the one entered in your employment contract or diploma?

5. Arbeitszeit
Vollzeit checkbox must be opted;
Anzahl Wochenstunden: Does it match the number of hours per week in your contract?

6. Arbeits-/Einsatzort
The place of employment where the work is usually performed according to the employment contract must be entered here;
If changing work locations are planned, the wechselnde Arbeits-/Einsatzorte checkbox must be opted;

8. Voraussichtliche Dauer der Beschäftigung
If the employment contract is unlimited, the unbefristed checkbox must be opted;
If the employment contract is limited in time, the corresponding date must be placed after the words befristed bis:

9. Arbeitsentgelt
Here is the most important box monatlich:;
Your gross monthly salary must stand over there.

11. Erholungsurlaub
Is the number of days of your holiday entered here the same as in the employment contract?

Ort, Datum
Make sure there are no typing errors.

After you have finished checking, have a look to see if you need to paste your employer's data into any other forms. For example in Annexure for employment visa.

Last but not least. Your Employer ask you questions and you don't know what to answer? Feel free to email to your employer my contact information and let me explain your employer all the steps needed. This is free for you both and there is no obligations.

* - do not be surprised if the company stamp is not available. It is normal, especially for start-ups or small companies. The signature is completely sufficient in Germany. So do not worry.
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