IT-study-work-freelance in Germany - completion help for openning a regular German bank account

For IT workers or anyone intending the long stay in Germany. Based on example of DKB bank

- Why I have choosen a DKB as example?
- Because according to the GIRODIREKT survey DKB is the test winner in 2020.

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Basic fee (Grundgebühr): 0 €
Debit card (EC-Karte): 0 €
Credit card: 0 €
Credit interest (Guthabennzins): 0,01 %
Overdraft interest (Dispozins): 6,74% / 7,34%

+ Low overdraft interest;
+ 0.01% pa interest on the VISA-Card credit;
+ Account management, EC and VISA credit card free of charge without conditions;
+ Withdraw cash free of charge worldwide with a credit card;

- overdraft interest slightly higher for non-active customers (less than €700 monthly payment);
- Cash deposites only at a few ATMs possible.

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So after all that I decided that DKB seems to be perfect for both: life in Germany and journeys abroad. Besides, DKB offers the Gemeinschaftskonto! (Chrome translates it as Community account or Joint account), which is an account which two persons (say spouses or life-partners) use. Each person gets his/her own debit plastic card.

Since I am looking for a better bank than my current one, I have decided to open a regular giro account at DKB, so called DKB Cash.

To make it easier for you I have activated the "Translate to English" function in the chrome browser with a right mouse click. So don't be surprised that the screenshots are in English. And now let's begin.

Step 1: google this: "dkb konto eroeffnen". Or just follow this link

Now you should see the same picture as on the top of this article (Screenshot 1.). If they change the picture meantime, just click on "Jetzt DKB Cash eröffnen".

Completion Help

Step 2: Enter your personal information. The form is pretty easy, so I commented just most important entries.

Account owner
According to the Tax Code (Account Truth) and Money Laundering Act, DKB is obliged to be certain about the person and address of the person entitled to dispose of an account.

Place of Birth
Enter the birth place name according to your passport;

Enter your Citizenship (not nationality!).

Day Phone
Tip: never ever receive or give any information by phone.

When you pick up the phone and find out that it is a call from the bank, I strongly recommend that you politely but clearly and without compromise insist on a communication channel via email or by post. Why? Read this article.

Enter the address at which you are officially registered. In other words the address according to your Registration Certificate (Anmeldebescheinigung).

Resident since (year)
Enter the year when you moved into this address.

Residental status
Most likely you are renting this flat. If so, select for rent.

Don't be surprised about the word "independence". The author of this article works selfemployed and "independence" was the automatic translation of "selfemployment". As Blue Card Professional you will be a regular employer.

Information according to articles 13, 14 and 21... page (screenshot 4)

I ticked the boxes on required places only. If you tick other checkboxes get prepared for the informational overload So I mostly do not tick amything which is not a mandatory.

Step 3: carefully doublecheck your entries.

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If everything fine, click on "to the contract". Jn the nex page you can download PDF with necessary information and/or proceed to "open an account".
After that you'll get the confirmation email(s).

In the next chapter you can find out how to cancel the contract within first 14 days.

The cancellation
If you do not have a cancellation confirmation from your previous insurance company or have never been insured before, leave these boxes empty. If necessary, TK will contact you.

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dkb, bank account in germany, credit card germany Screenshot 7. (Source:

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I am employed/I work as
Write your job title here exactly as in your employment contract.

This is my first employment in Germany
If this is your first employment in Germany, enter the employer data as given in the Stellenbeschreibung (Job Description) eingegeben sind.

My gross monthly income
What is the amount stated in the employment contract? If there is annual salary, divide it by 12 to get the sum of the monthly salary. If both boxes do not apply, leave this one empty.

I had myself exempted from...
As an international professional, ignore these two checkboxes.

Retirement benefits

As an international professional, ignore this section.

Step 2.3: Family details

Note that many statutory insurance companies offer a so-called family tariff. It means that you can also insure your family (i.e. your wife and children).

I would like to have my dependants (spouse/life partner ... )
This is a great option. I just mentioned it couple of above. Your dependants (spouse and children) can be included without paying any additional fees.

An interesting option is the life partner - the insured person might not be a wife/husband but only your girlfriend/boyfriend.

The application for non-contributory dependants’ insurance
So if you want to include your dependants or your life partner(s) in the insurance, check this box.

Details for TK long-term care insurance

Long-term care insurance (gesetzliche Pflegeversicherung) is mandatory because it is prescribed by German law.

As long as you do not know for sure that you are exempt from long-term care insurance, leave the first box empty.

Recruit new members and win

Entering my name (Jaroslav Plotnikov) is of course optional. However, I would be very pleased :)

Step 2.4: Queries and signature

Phone number ... Email
I would advise against entering a call number.

Communication via phone has no advantages for you. It benefits only them because it speeds up their workflow and save them time.

Date ... Signature
Electronic signature is completely sufficient. Alternatively: fill out the document, print it out, sign it, scan it and email it to the TK (for example to or to

Step 2.5: send it via email or paper post to the particular insurance company.

What comes next

After you have sent the completed and signed application (a PDF sent by email is sufficient) wait for a couple of days. You will usually receive a response within three working days, but also sooner, sometimes on the same day.

You will receive a membership confirmation or a message about which documents are still missing. Submit them.

As soon as you have received a membership confirmation, inform your employer. However, this is not absolutely necessary as your employer will also be notified directly by the health insurance company.

Step 3: Your health insurance membership card will be sent to you by post. Sign this plastic card and always take it with you to the doctor.

Step 4: when relocating, remember to inform your health insurance company on time. You can also do this in advance, as soon as both parties sign the new rental agreement. That's it.

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