National Visa for Employment - Your Steps in the German Embassy

How to proceed while applying for employment visa / Blue Card

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This article is about the procedure you will follow in a German embassy / consulate. It is the completion to articles Checklist of needed and additional documents and Correct Behavior in the Embassy.

General information

Please appear in person at your appointment at the German mission*. The mission will accept your complete application documents and the fee, ask you questions about your planned trip and record your photo and fingerprints.

Your passport will be given back to you at the end of the appointment for the time being.

Documents submission

Make sure that the documents are prepared exactly according to the regulations of the particular visa leaflet. If there are no extra regulations, here are two general rules:

1: Documents must be submitted in original and copy.

2: Please sort the documents as follows:
- 1st and 2nd copy: 1 application form each with all further documents in copy in the order listed;
- 3rd copy: all original documents in the order listed**.


The fee for the national visa is 75 Euro which must be paid in local currency.

Payments via Plastic Card are not possible in many German missions.

In some countries the German mission additionally or exclusively accepts certain special payment methods such as Demand Draft.

Tip 1: when you come to the appointment at the embassy, bring more money for visa fee than necessary, e.g. €100 in local currency and/or in euros.

Tip 2: If you have Euro notes, take these too. If you have a bank card, take that as well. It is rather possible that you won't need them. But you want to be prepared for almost every situation, right?

Processing time

The visa department will consult the local Immigration authority (Ausländerbehörde***) in Germany in the district of your employer. It usually takes up to 3 months until the final decision on your application is taken.

German foreign missions ask to refrain the processing status inquiries during the first three months.

You will hear something like "we kindly ask you to not send any inquiries within the first three months.

But three monts is a really long time! What can you do about it?

Well, there are two options:

Option #1: prepare your documents perfectly from the beginning that the chance of delays in processing is greatly reduced;
Option #2: find heavy reasoning to speed up the processing.

Hire Migwork. We can do both options for you.

* - here and in other articles German mission means any German Embassy or consulate all over the world.
** - see the information sheet of German mission for your particular country.
*** - explanations and translations of German terms s. in Glossary

German National Visa - Checklist of needed documents

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