Arbeitsvertrag – 7 things to check first in your Job Contract

Check the following sections in your employment contract before signing it

job contract germany Picture 1. (Source: Jaroslav Plotnikov

In Germany the applicant usually is given 2 weeks to make a decision. You have two weeks to check with your other potential employers and compare all existing contract proposals.

Everything looks fair and convincing. The salary is correct, the boss has also made a good impression. Why hesitate? This question is particularly difficult when you have to choose between several jobs. But even if it is only about one employer – you would like to be sure that there are no “traps”.

I suggest that the following points be checked very carefully:

“Classic” contract components

  • Name and address of contracting parties
  • Date of beginning of employment
  • Working location
  • Brief description of the activity to be performed by the employee,exact job title, eventually also the department
  • the salary components and total amount, including bonuses, allowances and special payments as well as other components like compensation for working overtime and their due date
  • Working time agreed

The contract may also contain the following points:

  • Duration of the probation period
  • Indication of the validity of wage agreements if there is no fixed wage agreement for the company
  • Regulations for business trips and their compensation
  • Regulations in the case of illness
  • Expenses regulations
  • Non-disclosure
  • Additional agreements, e.g. competition clauses, copyright regulations or time off from work due to familiar reasons etc.
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