Jobless during a Bluecard employment?

Stay cool and do the following steps to find another job

Picture: Federal Employment Agency - Picture: Federal Employment Agency -

Most important thing first - relax. You'll find a new job. What makes me so sure?

- Firstly because according to statistics from the Federal Employment Agency there is a very high demand for IT specialists in all sectors.

- Secondly because you have a very big advantage over applicants from outside Germany: you are already in the country. The employer does not have to bring you into the country or wait for you. You can start working the next day after your recent employment in Germany.

- Third, you already have a work permit. As soon as your next employer finds out about this, he will be happy because the formalities for your employment will be minimal.

- Fourthly, a German employer is aware that you know what life is like here and how work processes are regulated in Germany. German employers consider this experience very important. For this reason alone the next employer would prefer you to foreign applicants from outside of Germany.

And now off we go!

Job Lost

Step 1: notify the Immigration Authority (ABH*) asap

Report immediately to the relevant immigration authority. Do not wait till the end of the current employment. Notify as soon as you have received the written contract termination.

Send an informal message to ABH by e-mail. Attach the letter of contract termination. Ask what formalities are to be completed now. Ask for confirmation of receipt of this notification.

It is important that you always get a confirmation. As email or paper letter. If the Immigration Authority calls you and says that your message has arrived, politely insist on a written confirmation, preferably by email. If there is no confirmation within a week, print out your email, go to the post office and send it by letter (German: per Anschreiben). Scan the post-office receipt. This is also considered a confirmation.

Step 2: notify the Federal Employment Agency** asap

You are obliged to inform your employment agency of the reason(s) for your unemployment (obligation to cooperate). If you do not tell the reasons, this could have an impact on your unemployment benefit, in particular by so-called blocking period (Sperrzeit).

Reasons which may lead to a termination of employment may be, for example:

- You have cancelled your employment;
- You have signed a termination agreement*** or a winding-up agreement *** with your employer;
- Your employer has terminated the employment relationship because he/she accused you of acting in violation of the employment contract.

You must also inform your employment agency if you have been dismissed, although in your case there is a legal prohibition on dismissal (for example, Maternity Protection Act (Mutterschutzgesetz), Disabled Persons Act (Schwerbehindertengesetz)). Read the original Article in German.

Step 3 (optional): - notify the Immigration Authority (ABH*) asap

Picture: Federal Employment Agency - Picture: Federal Employment Agency -

Step 4 - make the passive job search

Step 5 - make the active job search

Job found

Step 6 - check the employment contract before signing it

Step 7 - Make an appointment in the immigration authority

* - ABH is the short form for Ausländerbehörde, which means the immigration authority.
** - German names: Arbeitsagentur, Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Arbeitsamt.
*** - termination agreement - German: Aufhebungsvertrag; winding-up agreement - German: Abwicklungsvertrag.
More terms and abbreviations explained see in GLOSSARY .

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