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Preparations from your country

IT job in Germany after graduation in your country - Plan A: Employment
Recognition of your diploma and certificate in Germany - is it a MUST?
Anabin Guide #1 - what is Anabin and why you might need it
Anabin Guide #2 - how to check your institution status on Anabin
Anabin Guide #3 - how to check your degree on Anabin
Anabin Guide #4 - the meaning of H+, H- and Н+/-
Recognize your diploma in Germany in 5 steps (ZAB)
How to translate documents into German via Internet
3 Ways to Find Sworn Translators in Germany & Translate Documents Online
Registrate at Job Board
Test your German cheap! How to pay 50% and less for a German proof
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Job Search

The Best Job Boards in Germany in 2019
Create your resume in English but according to German format
The check list for your CV
XING – the reliable helper in your job search
German Resume – Tabu & Mistakes
How to get the contacts of any German organisation
99 frequent questions job interview
Arbeitsvertrag – 7 things to check in your Job Contract
Job Search in Germany - how to find a good employer?
High-demand IT occupations (Mangelberufe)
Realistic salary in German IT branch
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Visa and Residence Permits Paperwork

National visa for employment - your steps in the German embassy
Visa - Residence/Settlement Permit - what's the difference?
German National Visa - Checklist of documents
How to book or cancel visa D appointment online
Annexure - this form required in German Embassy in India
German National Visa - Application Form Completion Help
Job Description (Stellenbeschreibung) for National Visa
Do you want your visa issued faster? Get Dringlichkeitserklärung
Certificate from your Current Employer
Travel insurance for the getting of national visa for work in Germany
German National Visa for Work - 5 Things to Check
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In Germany after Arrival

Apartment Search Ad in Germany - how you make a landlord offer you a good apartment
Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung §19 - landlord's confirmation
Registration (Anmeldung) - How to proceed
Registration (Anmeldung) - an appointment online
Registration Formular in Germany – Completion Help
Staatenliste: German List of Countries for Conversion of Driver's License
Regular bank account (Girokonto) - top banks in Germany
Blue Card - How to make an appointment online
Compulsory insurance (gesetzliche Versicherung) - Completion Help
Tax Class Change Form – Completion Help
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Relocation to Germany. What is your Plan B and Plan C?
Migration adviser - expert or just a chatterbox?
How to convert your driver licence into German one by small cost
Official request - How you will achieve the 90% responce quote
Business card for Germany
Get a solid email address - a "German way"
Phone Call vs. e-Mail: what is advisable in Germany
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German mindset & (corporate) culture

German mindset: Long-term Orientation
German mindset: Fairness
German corporate culture - 7 values, which make you the winner
Correct Behavior in the Embassy
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IT Education in Germany

Duale Ausbildung - Vocational Training in Germany for IT professons
IT Study in Germany - most failsafe way to get Blue Card & permanent residence
Studienkolleg - preparation for studies at a German universities
Studienkolleg - preparation for studies at a German universities
Hochschulkompass - find your dream university in Germany
Ausbildung - Recognition of your School Qualifications
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NEW: IT Freelance & Selfemployment in Germany

IT Freelance in Germany: FAQ
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Interview (In RUSSIAN - ПО-РУССКИ)

Как я купил новую квартиру в Берлине
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