What is MIGWORK? What is our Mission
How it works
How to use it
How much it costs
How to start my relocation
About the Founder

MIGWORK and its Mission

MIGWORK is a knowledge base & step-by-step tutorials about relocation to Germany.

Migwork helps IT professionals from all with relocation advice and action.

MIGWORK answers only one question: HOW ?

- How to relocate to Germany?
- How to bring your family - your spouse and children here?
- How to get a Blue Card, a permanent residence, a German citizenship?
- How to find a flat, to do registration in a local authority?
- How to find a good IT job in Germany?
- ... ? (HAVE A QUESTON(S)? Feel free to e-mail me)

Migwork will explain everything need to be done. Step-by-step.
Besides, if you wish, Migwork team can do any of those steps for you.


How it works

The MIGWORK gives you all the information you need to plan, organize and manage your relocation to Germany.

MIGWORK consists of two parts: The STEPS and the BLOG.
There are MILESTONES divided into STAGES. They are divided into STEPS. After the last steps is done, you have reached your destination
BLOG consists of articles explaining in details how to perform specific steps.


How to use it

Imagine this: you need to find out if diploma issued by your university recognized in Germany? (You need this to get a Blue Card or study in Germany).

Here are 5 simple STEPS (look at the STEPS TO DO) need to be done and here is an ARTICLE in our BLOG explaining these steps.


How much it cost - what is for fee and what is for free

All information on our site is from serious trusted ressources, transparent and free of charge.

Now you know what to do but it is possible that still you don’t have enough time!
Remember that Migwork relocation team is available at any time.

The Migwork's services costs are individually calculated because different steps require adequate working hours. You'll know in advance which steps will be done for you and how much it will cost.
There fore you'll have a full control of your expences.


How to start my relocation

Feel free to tell me your concern or ask a question. It is free and non-binding.
My email is below.


About the founder of MIGWORK

In 1999 I left Russia to study Interkulturelle Pädagogik
at the Universität Oldenburg. After the graduation
I decided to stay in Germany.

Since 2009 I live in Berlin working as migration advisor
and freelance translator.

Jaroslav Plotnikov
Dipl.-Päd. für Migration

Postbox #022477
10126 Berlin, Germany

Email me: info@migwork.com