Get a solid email address
- the "German way"

How does a serious German email address look like?

Compare two addresses.

A correct looking address:

If the address does not contain your name, then at least your name must be visible before the email address, like this: Jaroslav Plotnikov < >

Conventional form in Germany: firstname.lastname@... (e.g. Angela.Merkel@...)

Not serious: email addresses without names, or like that:

If you find an email address firstname.lastname@... too official for you, then use these email addresses for official purposes only.

For the official communication with German authorities and institutions (with employer or landlord, with authorities, bank, insurance company etc.) it is a perfect choice! I would use such address for job search, housing search etc. In a word for all official and business opportunities, where you want to look solid and expect quick feedback.

If this email ID is already registered, here are some common variations:

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