Job Search in Germany - how to find a good employer?

Which German employer is really good? Ask Kununu community

After you determined your minimum salary, it's time to list your potential employers. Then shortlist.

How it works

Go to The website is in German but you can translate it into English*.

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1. UNTERNEHMEN - If you have a certain company in mind, enter it in the first field.

2. BRANCH - If you want to work in a specific industry, open the dropdown menu and you will find a large overview of branches - from administration, automotive, banking, finance, media, sports, to insurance, public administration or other.

Note: The Chrome browser does not translate everything on this page. If you face unknown terms such as EDV or Werbung - feel free to look in our GLOSSARY.

3.3. REGION - Here the federal states are meant. Would you like to work in a certain federal state? In Bavaria? Or in Saxony?

Interesting fact: German federal states can differ significantly in their area size. Some federal states even consist of a single city - such as Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg.

Tip: See the list of federal states on

4. Are you looking for certain benefits like Company doctor, Coaching, Homeoffice, Child care, Company car or good traffic connection? Click on MORE ADS (4.1) to see them all.

5. The ratings are given anonymously by employees, applicants and trainees.

6. On some company profiles you will find the green "TOP" or the blue "OPEN" flags at the top left. These are the kununu Top Company and kununu Open Company.

kununu Top Company are companies with at least six ratings and an average of three points.
kununu Open Company are companies that promote employee reviews on

7. Sort by - relevance decreasing (by default). I assume that you are interested in the companies with the best ratings? So, choose rating descending here.

Example of an employer - Deutsche Bahn

8. Top left you see flags TOP and OPEN. In the middle: the company name - Deutsche Bahn (German Railways), its headquarter in Berlin, Germany and the industry - traffic / transport / logistics. Below left - access statistics, amount of comments and videos. Below right: the rating: 4,5 stars (s. screenshot 2).

If you click on the image or the company name, you will get to the next page - the company profile. You'll see there four tabs: Overview, ratings, ask, Jobs.

Tab Overview

Here you can find who posted reviews (3682 by employees, 614 by applicants, 56 by trainees).

lebenslauf Screenshot 2. (Source:

If you scroll down, you will see some key figures (sales and number of employees), self-presentation of the employer ("who we are") and links to the social networks of the employer. You can also read reviews here.

Tab Ratings

Ratings is the primary idea behind Kununu. Here you can read numerous reviews and share them on your social networks.

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Reading the review above I was asking yourself, what were the real reasons why that IT Junior has such a poor evaluation of his employer?

Tab Ask

questions and answers

What interests you in this particular employer? Place your question anonymously and get anonymous answers.

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Tab Jobs

I don't need much to explain here :)
Enter your profession in the search field and choose a city. Or don't select the city and see the search results all over Germany.

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Tip: Translate your profession into German. For example developer means Entwickler, computer scientist means Informatiker. Feel free to have a look at Glossary

Good luck on your job search!

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