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The so-called Girokonto (current account) is needed to receive a salary and to pay for rent, utilities, telephone, internet, debit / credit card services, etc.

The question is how to choose a good bank in Germany?

One of the possibilities is to read reviews on the Internet. Now we will briefly look at the minimalistic overview from

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Proving of your identity while opening an account

There are basically three ways to do legitimation when opening your account.

If you do not speak German the simpleast way is the first or secon option above.

How to save time

The fastest way is to go to a post office. In banks you usually need to book an appointment in advance. To the post office, however, you go without an appointment. Before you go to the post office, you get a form from the bank, fill it out, submit it in at the post office, show the postman your passport and that's it! The legitimation is done!

What we can do - the Migwork services for you

All you have to do is go to the post office (or a certain bank office), submit the already filled out form and show your passport.

That was how to save your time. But you can also save your money.

How to save money

Many banks give the money for the reference. It is usually up to €100 and you can get this money back. All you need to do is to set me, Jaroslav Plotnikov as recommending person (referral). You can get the referral fee in full from me.

You may wonder - Why does Jaroslav give away the referral bonus?

My answer - There's no catch here. I will give you the referral bonus because I really want to be the top-service company in the German market.
If you offer to share the referral bonus between us I will also agree :)
But as I said, you can take the whole bonus from me.

How to save money if you're a freelancer

Choose Girokonto even if you are intending to open a business bank account for your (freelance) business. If the bank ask you about the purpose your bank account, answer that you need an account to pay the rent, utilities, internet, gym studio, swimming pool, library etc. And also to receive your salary. Many freelancer receive money from one or two source only (like Upwork).

However sooner or later the day come when your bank will politely ask you to open a business account. But it won't be soon. And no worries! You do not break any laws and there will be no penalties if a few months your salary will come to Girokonto - current bank account.

During these few months, you will save money because you do not have the business account. You enjoy the advantages of a free current account and qietly compare various banks for the business account which is most suitable for you. By the way, we at Migwork can help you with this too.

Girokonto - completion help for openning a regular German bank account

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1. Chris (12-02-2020)

Hey guys, look what the 1822MOBILE Bank has replied to me "Opening an 1822MOBILE account is currently only possible with a German identity card."

Hm... looks nor really freindly for foreighners, this 1822MOBILE