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How to fill the application to one of the most needed document in Germany


Explanations on filling in the registration form
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How does the registration confirmation look like?

The application form may vary slightly from city to city. Here I will introduce the application from Munich.
Why from Munich? For two good reasons.
in Munich the contract is completed simultaneously in both languages. You enter the information in the English language part of the application, and the German language part is filled out automatically. Pretty cool, isn't it?

The second reason: Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is known for probably the strictest laws in Germany. So if you register in another city in Germany, most likely the requirements will not be stricter.

Read the official explanations written by City of Munich, fill in your data accurately and everything will be fine. If you Tips below and everything will work out fine.

* - unless it's the only apartment you're renting. Other options: main flat (Hauptwohnung), secondary flat (Nebenwohnung).
** - eventually extended to double first name (Hemant-Ravindra) or first name + the parename (e.g. Ivan Petrovichthe)


Which documents are necessary

Reuired documents you will find in the article Registration (Anmeldung) - How to proceed

Explanations on filling in the registration form
(Application for registration to the registration authority)

2 Completing the registration form

2.1 Date of relocation: Order day - month - year

2.2 Only residence: If you have only one residence in Germany, then this is your only residence, not your main residence.

2.3 Main residence: This is the apartment mainly used by the inhabitant. The main residence of a married person or a resident leading a civil partnership, who is not permanently separated from his or her family or his or her life partner, is the predominantly used residence of the family or life partner. With under-age persons, the main residence is the residence of the legal guardians. If the the legal guardians are separated, the main residence is that legal guardian's residence that is mainly used by the minor. Upon a corresponding request, this provision applies to persons with disabilities up to the age of 25, even if they live in an institution for the disabled. If in doubt, the predominantly used residence is where the focal point of the resident's personal relationship lies.

2.4 Second residence: every other residence in Germany.

2.5 Family name: Please state the full current family name including parts of the name.

2.6 Forenames: State only in the form prescribed by the laws on personal status.

2.7 Doctoral degree (awarded within the federal territory): For registration purposes, a doctoral degree can be entered in the abbreviated form of "Dr." and "DR." without further additions (such as "med."). With honorary degrees please add one of the suffixes "hc.", "eh." or "Eh.".

2.8 Doctorate (awarded abroad): This can be entered in the register only if the person is entitled to hold the abbreviated title of "Dr." in the Federal Republic of Germany. Due to the legal requirements of the Bavarian Higher Education Act it is not possible to make a general statement on which foreign academic degrees are affected hereof. Verification of the entitlement to hold the abbreviated title of "Dr." and have it entered in the register is only possible by submitting the original promotion certificate together with a certified translation into German thereof.

2.9 Date of birth: Order day - month - year

2.10 Gender: For the indication of sex, please use the following abbreviations:

M Male
W Female

2.11 Marital status: Enter the marital status here:

LD Single
VH Married
VW Widowed
GS Divorced
LP Registered partnership
LV Life partner died
LA Partnership cancelled
EA Marriage annulled
LE Life partner declared legally dead NB unknown

2.12 Information on permanent separation from your spouse or registered partner who is not relocating: The registration authorities require this information in order to determine the status of the residence (exclusive residence, main or second residence). This information will not be stored.

2.13 Nationality: If you have multiple citizenships, please state all of them; if you are stateless, please state your last nationality if applicable.

2.14 Religion: For registering purposes, merely your membership to a public religious society has to be stated. Please use the abbreviations below in the following cases:

rk Roman Catholic ak Old Catholic
fa Free religious community of Alzey
fb Baden Free Religious State Community
fg Palatinate Free Religious State Community
fm Free religious community Mainz
fs Free religious community Offenbach
- not belonging to any tax-raising religious community
ev Evangelical
lt Evangelical Lutheran
rf Evangelical Reformed
fr French-reformed
ib Jewish Religious Community of Baden
iw Jewish Religious Community of Wuerttemberg
isby National Association of Jewish communities in Bavaria
ishe Jewish Community of Frankfurt
il Jewish communities in the Hessian State Association
isnw North Rhine-Westphalia: Israelite (Jewish)
jh Jewish Community of Hamburg
isrp Jewish religious communities of Bad Kreuznach and Koblenz issl Saarland: Israelite
oa not belonging to any public religious community

If you belong to any other public religious society, please state its full name.

2.14 Permanent residence on 01.09.1939: This information is required for the Church Tracing Service.

2.15 Passport and ID card data: To indicate the type of identification document, please use the abbreviations below:

PA Identity card
RP Passport
KRP Child passport
KA Child's identity card

2.16 Legal representatives: The legal representatives have to be stated only when registering minors and persons for whom a caregiver has been appointed who has the right to determine the residence. This statement can be omitted in joint registrations of parents and children.

The registration is free of charge. Within several minutes you will receive a Registration certificate looking

After a few minutes you will get a certificate of registration that looks something like on screenshot 4.


Authorisation of another person

You don't have to go there in person. If you cannot attend the appointment for any reason (health disorder, no time, something else), you have the possibility to authorize any person. It could be an adult family member, a friend or a Migwork staff person. Contact Migwork and get a non-binding offer.


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