Travel insurance for the getting of national visa for work in Germany

Completion Help based on the example of Klemmer International travel insurance

medical insurance germany Screenshot 9. (Source: Klemmer International)

The question about your insurance you probably faced when filling out the application for a national visa?

Below there are some general information followed by the step-by-step instructions on how to take out private insurance online (using Klemmer International as an example).

Basic Information

I recommend Klemmer International for the following 3 reasons:

  1. is always accepted by the German embassy, even if the policy is not in the original, but only printed;
  2. besides health insurance, accident- and liability insurance is included;
  3. money-back of unused insurance cover. Payment on a daily basis.

Example: from the contractually agreed 60 days* of insurance coverage, you actually used up 23 days only. After 23 days you changed to the statutory health insurance. So at the end you will get your paid amount back from Klemmer International for 37 unused days.

Note:statutory health insurance also called compulsory health insurance or social health insurance.

Purchasing health insurance online

First, go to the Klemmer International website. Make sure you are in the Travellers to Germany Austria tab (screenshot 1). Scroll down to Workers & Professionals. Click on "Book online now".

medical insurance germany Screenshot 1. (Source: Klemmer International)

Rate calculation

Fill out the form. Click "Calculate now" (screenshot 2).

medical insurance germany Screenshot 2. (Source: Klemmer International)

Question: Which period of time should I set?
Answer: as the beginning date of the insurance set the day 1-2 weeks before the start of your employment contract. There are many good reasons to come to Germany a little earlier. Officials at the embassy understand this and are usually willing to allow you to enter Germany earlier. However, you also need insurance coverage that starts earlier than your employment contract.

As the end date of insurance I recommend to set the date 2-4 weeks after the start of your employment contract. Why? Because there is always something that can happen in between and cause the actual start of work in a few days or weeks later. With a longer insurance period you willing be on the safe side. You remain insured the whole time.

The good thing is: for the remaining days you will get the full amount back from the Klemmer, on a daily basis.

Example: according to the employment contract, the start of work should be on September 1. Therefore, it is recommended that you set August 15th and September 15th as the start and end dates for Klemmer insurance.


Now you can see the prices and details that are appropriate for your age and your planned period in Germany (screenshot 3).

medical insurance germany Screenshot 3. (Source: Klemmer International)

You can choose between BASIC and PREMIUM rates. Click on individual grey bars to find out the details of your insurance. It will help you to make a decision to choose the tariff.

The third option (liability / accident) is for those who already have a health insurance and want to book an additional package. Simply ignore it.

Versicherungsantrag (Insurance application)

medical insurance germany Screenshot 4. (Source: Klemmer International)

In my case, I decided to use the BASIC tariff (screenshot 4). Now I start to fill in the data. Previous insurance policy and Previously insured at are optional boxes. You can skip them. Click on the "Next step".


medical insurance germany Screenshot 5. (Source: Klemmer International)

This is the person making the request. It is quite possible that the applicant is not the insured person.

Hopefully everything is understandable here (screenshot 5)? From my side, I have just two remarks:

'c/o' is an abbreviation for 'care of'. You write c/o when you are temporary staying at that particular address. Even if you don't stay there, but have a trustee who receives your correspondence.
Example: John Smith c/o Jaroslav Plotnikov, Flughafen Str. 21, 12053 Berlin means that John Smith will receive letters and other mail even if his name is not shown on the mailbox at Flughafen Str. 21. The mailbox shows the name of the registered tenant only (Jaroslav Plotnikov). This is quite enough for the postman.

Phone - please always write your number in international format (numbers start with + or with 00).

Insured Person

medical insurance germany Screenshot 6. (Source: Klemmer International)

In case the Applicant and the Insured Person are the same, just repeat the entries. So in our case Anna Schmidt will be entered again (screenshot 6). Click on the "Next step".


There are two types of payment:

It is quite possible that neither applicant nor policyholder, but a third person pays the amounts (screenshot 7). It can be anybody.

medical insurance germany Screenshot 7. (Source: Klemmer International)

This is exactly what happens in my case: the payment is made by direct debit from the employer's bank account. An employer is representated here by Mr. Peter Mayer.

All right, now tick the box below and press "Next step".

Last steps - check the details and pay

Next, Klemmer's web page displays a summary of all the data you have just entered. The next step is to make the booking. After booking, within a few minutes, you will receive the following confirmation by email (screenshot 8).

medical insurance germany Screenshot 8. (Source: Klemmer International)

In our case I chose German language and the confirmation email came in German. But you are welcome to choose the english language.

Here is the translation** of what is in the confirmation email (just the most important things):

Dear Ms SCHMIDT***,

You have taken out Work&Profession products for health, liability and accident insurance for your temporary stay in Germany/Austria with KLEMMER International Assekuradeur GmbH.

Enclosed you will find the following documents:

- Insurance policy (also for presentation to authorities)
- Treatment certificate for the doctor or dentist (please present it to the doctor or dentist before the start of treatment each time you visit the doctor or dentist)
- Consumer information with product information sheet, insurance conditions, cancellation policy, information on data processing
- Insurance card (to cut out, e.g. for the wallet)
We kindly ask you to view and save or print out all file attachments, e.g. with Adobe Reader, and keep them in a safe place. As a matter of principle, we do not send any further documents by post for online transactions.
This confirmation is also expressly valid for presentation at embassies and consulates. We assume that it is in your interest to make the process as quick and uncomplicated as possible.
Information about your insurance:

Insurance policy numbers: 21234567-01***, 21234567-02 and 21234567-03
Closing date: 17.03.2020
Policyholder: ANNA SCHMIDT
Insured person: ANNA SCHMIDT, Date of birth: 23.07.1979
Start of insurance: 17.03.2020
End of insurance: 06.04.2020
total contribution: 25,20 €

Questions? Feel free to write anything or ask a question below in the comments or directly via email or phone.

* - note, that the minimum duration of an insurance contract with Klemmer International is 20 days;
** - translated with (free version);
*** - name, police number, birthday were changed due to data protection.

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