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How to register as Looking for a job - Government's hints

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Status Looking for a job (arbeitssuchend) implies that you only register as a jobseeker so that the Federal Employment Agency can help you with advice and practical assistance. No financial help is involved here.

In this article you will learn all steps required for the online registration of your Looking for a job status (arbeitssuchend).

Step 1: Registration. Enter login data

Choose the section on "Registrieren als Person".

Since I personally do not like too many personal digitalisations, I will leave out the registration via identity card with the electronic identification function (s. the "Personalausweis mit Online Ausweisfunktion" option on the right upper corner of Screenshot 1).

Instead we will focus on the proven way of registering as a jobseeker. Click on REGISTRIEREN.

Step 2: Account set up

(Screenshot 2: Registrierung - Anmeldedaten erfassen).

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Benutzername means user name.

Put the check mark in the box Ich habe die Nutzungsbedingungen gelesen und akzeptiere sie. Leave the second checkboxbox (below) empty. Click on WEITER.

Step 3: Enter your contact information

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Main address (Hauptanschrift)

Your main address (Hauptanschrift) is the address on your registration certificate (Anmeldebestätigung*).

Alternative address (Abweichende Adresse)

If you click on Postanchrift radio button, more fields will open.

Enter the address which is most suitable for receiving of the correspondence from the Federal Employment Agency. Remember that your name must be shown on the postal box in the place correspondence will be delivered.

Postfachanschrift (Post box address) and De-Mail-Adresse (on screetshot 3 below) are a very rare options, so I just left it out.

Communication channel (Kommunikationsweg)

I advise not to leave your phone number in government offices. Instead I recommend email communication.

Step 4: Doublecheck your entries (Screenshot 4)

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Pay the most attention to your postal address and an email address.
ZURÜCK - go back,
ABBRECHEN - cancel,
ABSCHICKEN - submit.

Step 5: Complete your registration

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After you hit the button ABSCHICKEN the cofirmation appears that the registration successful (Screenshot 5: Registrierung erfolgreich durchgeführt). Here is the translation of the following text:
Registration successfully completed
If you have entered a De-Mail address, a PIN will be sent to you immediately by De-Mail, otherwise you will receive a PIN by post in the next few days. It is used to check and confirm the data you have entered. Until you have entered this PIN, you cannot fully use additional functionalities. You can activate your user account by entering your PIN in your personal data. Please confirm your registration using the link sent to your email address.

Your username is ...

Please make a note of your username and password, as this information is required to log in with your username and password. Please pay attention to upper and lower case.

Click on WEITER. Now is only one step left. You still need to do the final verification via email.

Step 6: proceed the final confirmation

bluecard, blue card, blaue karte Screenshot 6 (Source: Federal Employment Agency -

Among your incoming emais you will find that email shown in the screenshot 6. It is in German but no worries, you are almost done.

The text in the email suggests you to do following:

  1. click the link in the email (or copypaste it into your browser),
  2. on the page "Meine Registrierung bestätgen" enter your password for the confirmation,
  3. click on the button "Speichern" to save your entry.

The popup window will appear (screenshot 7).

bluecard, blue card, blaue karte Screenshot 7 (Source: Federal Employment Agency -

Click on OK. Sign out. Done.

* - in different Federal States this document has different names in Germany. Most common are Anmeldebestätigung. Meldebestätigung, Meldebescheinigung. More terms and abbreviations explained see in GLOSSARY.
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