Certificate by your German Employer (Arbeitgeberbestätigung)

Immigration Authority often requires it for issuing a Blue Card or Permanent Residence

This document will be completed, signed and stamped by your employer.

However, I would recommend that you (or we at Migwork for you) fill out the form at least partially. It will be the signal to the employer that you are diligent and proactive. This way you will "get more points", which will increase your reputation in the eyes of the employer.

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Download this form (Arbeitgeberbestätigung).

Form content

1: Hereby confirmed that Mr. / Mrs. NN is since 01.04.20* has been employed at the company XYZ (company name, address, phone numbers, company registration number s. 2, 3) as a Senior Software Developer* (4).

5: The employment relationship is open-ended, a trial period until 30.09.2020*.

It is a local employment relationship (6), with a working week of 40* hours (7).

8: The regular monthly gross income is 5,000* EUR
The regular monthly net income is 3,423.28* EUR

The employee has been insured with the following health insurance company since 01.04.2020: Techniker Krankenkasse* (9).

(10:) Signature of a company representative and name in block letters.

Do not be surprised or upset if there is no stamp in your certificate. Some start-ups do not (yet) have a stamp, so there is no need to worry. In Germany the signature has enough legal force.

* - this entry just an example from that particular case.

Certificate by your Current Employer (for German National Visa)

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