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What I hear now and then from foreign IT people who have immigrated to Germany - the Internet is not good enough in this country. But you can "fire" a providers who do not keep the given promises (e.g. connection speed).

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Date input

Step 1: Choose the section on "Registrieren als Person".

Tip:In Chrome browser, right-click Translate to English, then in the pop-up notification, click Options -> Change Languages. Select the translation language that works best for you.

Tarif overview

Apply Filters

Step 2: Apply Filters as follows:

1: prefix - use the landline prefix of your city;
2: running time - Max. 1 month (max. 1 month);
3: click on to compare.

Testing period: 1-3 months!

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See how the rates have suddenly increased by almost 30% once we have reduced the minimum contract period* to 1 month: from 28.10 to 35.90 Euros.

This is actually the critically important point - the minimum contract period.
Many foreigners make this mistake - conclude a seemingly cheap contract, two months later see that the provider cannot guarantee the promised speed and are forced to remain bound to a 12- or 24-month contract.

We want to learn from other people's mistakes and look only for providers with a short (1 month) contract period.

For additional 7.80 Euro (35.90 - 28.10) you will get the possibility to "fire" unreliable providers.

In the next article on the exemplary contract completion with O2 you will learn how to conclude a contract, recall the contract or terminate it. See the link below.

* - the minimum contract period see the column on the top left of screenshot 7: Filter tariffs -> Terms of new Contract -> 1 month max.

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