Business card for Germany

How to create a solid looking business card

Visitenkarte Picture 1. (Source: Google)

To make contacts offline you still need a cool business card. To show your specialness, I recommend to avoid ready-made card templates.

Instead, create your own minimalist design. If you don't have a logo, do it without a logo. That's the cool thing about minimalism - put as little as possible on it. Take the things away and you're on the safe side

Minimalism in Europe is a sign of good style. A business card with lots of information is considered as cheap. The same trend "as few as possible" applies to representing your skills. Even if you really good in a bunch of technologies, such a "specialist in all areas" would be considered as rather suspicious by Germans.

Minimalist design signals to your employer or your client or business partner that you know the latest trends in western Europe and that you have particularly profound knowledge and experience in few technologies. That looks trustworthy.

Note: ask Google images for "minimalist business card" and get inspired. See the screenshot above

Content - what should be written on your card

You show good taste if you leave a lot of empty space, use calm colours (e.g. dark grey instead of black), use a calm colour palette (or grey palette) and only the essential information - as little text as possible in a maximum of two fonts.


Write your first name and last name only. Leave out all the middle and additional names.

Example: Chintan Patel. Such a name format is clear and understandable to the German eye.


Enter your profession as briefly as possible.

Example: Fullstack developer, web and multimedia developer, systems analyst, software engineer, applications programmer etc.

Field of expertise

This section is optional. But if you can't resist the temptation: enter here 2-4 (maximum 5) technologies or frameworks which you master better then others.

Tip: instead of entering fields of expertise I recommend to enter your link(s) to Github and Linkedin OR XING profile. If you have your own website - even better!

Job applicants with an own website are rare, so your own URL (even just onepage website) would be a one more detail to demonstrate your individuality (s. Individualism chapter below).

The link versus fields of expertise

The sense of entering an URL on your card: you can't change anything on your card as soon as it is printed on the paper. But you can change any details of your expertise on your webpage (Gifthub/Linkedin/XING).