Blue Card "from inside" of Germany

Get Blue Card from another residence status without leaving Germany

Imagine this - you are in Germany with a jobseeker visa) or doing an internship or any kind of studies (university, language course etc.). In this case you just gather necessary documents and go to the immigration authority (Ausländerbehörde).

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Getting a Blue Card "from inside Germany" is similar to the "usual" application process over a German consulate in your country. Just a bit easier and relaxed ))


Employment contract or a concrete offer

The most important thing is to find an employer. As soon as you have a job contract with a minimum Blue Card salary, the rest is just a kind of playing games.

Health insurance

You have health insurance in Germany, either in the statutory health insurance system or a comparable private health insurance. Foreign health insurance is not sufficient.

Main residence in Berlin*

Your main residence is in Berlin. If you have your main residence in other German city, you have to apply for the Blue Card there

In-person visit

Please submit your application to your local office. We recommend that you book an appointment online.

* - the example in this article is for Berlin only. In other regions of Germany there are similar procedere, google "Blue card beantragen Hamburg (just enter the city name of your desired location)"

Documents you need to prepare

  • Form Antrag auf Erteilung eines Aufenthaltstitels
  • Approval of the Federal Employment Agency, 2 more forms
    (Scroll down to read if you need to get this Approval):
    - Form Antrag auf Erlaubnis einer Beschäftigung (filled out by you)
    - Form Stellenbeschreibung (a Jobdescription, completed by your employer)
  • Your passport
  • Proof of your residence
    for example by:
    - Certificate of registration at the main residence (Melde-Bestätigung) or
    - lease and written confirmation of occupancy from the landlord (Wohnungsgeber-Bestätigung)
  • Current biometric photo
    The photo must be a recent one (within last 6 months). It must meet the photo requirements for electronic passports.
    The Federal Printing Office’s photo reference board shows the specific requirements.
  • University or university college qualification (Original)
  • Zeugnisbewertung
    (Scroll down to read if you need to get this Zeugnisbewertung)
    If your foreign degree is not evaluated in the “anabin” database, please submit a certificate assessment to the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB).
  • Your employment contract or job offer (Original)
  • Proof of your health insurance
    for statutory health insurance:
    - electronic health card with photo
    - up-to-date confirmation of health insurance
    for private health insurance:
    - Proof that you have paid your contributions, for example through account statements
    - Certificate from the insurance company
    The certificate must state the type, scope and duration of the insurance. Please tell your insurance company that you need the certificate for a residence permit for the purpose of employment.

Approval of the Federal Employment Agency - when is it required?

You need the approval of the Federal Employment Agency if you:
work in a profession with shortage of occupation (all IT-professions included) and earn less than EUR 4,600 gross per month and do not have a degree from a German university.

Zeugnisbewertung (degree recognition) - when is it required?

If your foreign degree is not evaluated in the “anabin” database, or has "H-" or "H+/-" status, submit your certificate to ZAB (Central Office for Foreign Education).

For this evaluation of qualifications, a Goverment fee of €200 will be incurred.


For the initial issuance: €100.00

For an extension of up to three months: €96.00

For an extension of more than three months: €93.00

Average time to process request

Since the EU Blue Card is generally issued as an electronic residence permit, it is recommended that the interview takes place 8 weeks before your previous residence title expires.

Responsible authorities

You can only make use of this service at the Berlin Immigration Office, at the Berlin-Charlottenburg site, Keplerstraße 2. Click here to make an appointment in Berlin

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