Do financial stuff - how to create a Blocked Accaunt in Germany (Sperrkonto)

In 2020 you need to have €10,236* on your blocked account to get the German "studen visa"

The greatest challenge for foreign applicants is to prove their financial autonomy. The German government wants to be sure that you will focus on your studies and not on the "financial survival".

You will get a student work permit, which allows you to work 180 halfdays annually. Although in the real world many foreign students really make a living from it.

Screenshoot 1.1 Screenshot 1.1

Let's say you studied programming in India at Calcutta University in West Bengal. The central question is: does Germany recognize the diplomas issued by this particular university?

How about to get straight to the point and jump on the Anabin website?

If you're using Chrome browser, by the right click you can translate the page into English or other language. However, each new page will again be persistently displayed in German. In the end, I decided to keep the German screenshots. Besides you could learn some useful German words ))

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